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We're Robin & Sarah,
husband and wife wedding photographers in the Midlands

Rob & Sarah Gillespie on their own wedding day

Real, unguarded moments are what we love to capture.  The joy, the anticipation and all the other wonderful things which are the heart and soul of your wedding day, all photographed with a natural feel, a love of story-telling and beautiful light.  We also love to get you away from the crowd for a short while to create some gorgeous couple pictures of the two of you alone.

Most of our ‘larger’ weddings are photographed by the two of us, however we also offer the option of having just Robin for limited dates.  ‘Small’ weddings are nearly always covered by Robin alone.

Your day as it happens, up close and personal

Love, friendship, anticipation, nerves, joy, laughter. All of these wonderful things are present at every wedding –  each one a small story unfolding in front of us and  making for wonderful pictures.  Beautifully crafted with layering, context and an empathetic eye, they’re pictures with relevance and timeless appeal.

Of course we’ll do group photos of your nearest and dearest, but gimmicks and ‘staged’ events really aren’t our thing.  What actually happens on your wedding day is far more interesting and personal than anything we could contrive.  A day with your favourite people, captured unobtrusively.

The two of you, with personality & gorgeousness

Some of the key images of the day.  Our couple portraits are less about rocking a pose and more about soaking up the surroundings of your venue to enjoy some time alone.  Whether you’re a lively couple who exude energy, or a quiet twosome who yearn for tranquillity, we’ll create timeless and classy couple pictures to look back on and treasure for years to come.

We’ll give you just enough direction so you look good to the camera, but really, we just want you to be yourselves.

Gorgeous weddings for wonderful people, in the Midlands and across the UK

We’ve been Midlands wedding photographers since 2007 and are based close to Birmingham.  We regularly photograph weddings throughout the West Midlands,  Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire and Shropshire.   We’re also happy to travel  and have worked further across England and Wales.

Our work is featured on English Wedding Blog, Boho Weddings and So You’re Getting Married. We’ve also been in Your West Midlands Wedding magazine and we’ve even made the cover!

Cover of Your West Midlands Wedding Magazine featuring photography by Rob & Sarah Gillespie