Favourites from 2021

Our first wedding of 2021 was not until May, after a tedious winter of uncertainty due to the ongoing pandemic.   Even then, they were still under strict restrictions, with only 15 people allowed, then gradually opening up further, but with arbitrary rules that made little sense.  By mid-summer the restrictions were essentially off and we were back to full-on shooting mode again, with an extremely busy period between July to the end of autumn.

On a personal note, 2021 had it’s difficulty.  We lost one of Robin’s brothers – Andy – to cancer in June, just at the point where we were starting to get busy again.  Although it wasn’t entirely unexpected, it was sudden and the wind was taken out of our sails for a while.  Losing someone close does make you re-evaluate everything and as we moved into the hectic period we decided to do the work at a sensible pace and not run ourselves into the ground.  Although the travelling and shooting was fine, the editing and album designs that we’re normally so on-point with, took a back seat.

In terms of locations, 2021 has seen us visit a varied selection of venues.  We’ve photographed weddings in an enormous castle, in fields with a barn, in the centre of cities and towns, back-gardens, register offices, town halls and more traditional venues.  We’ve seen quite a lot of different places this year – venues both new to us and more familiar, despite the curtailed working months.  And without exception they’ve all been great to work on, with some really lovely people.  Varied too has been the length of the weddings we’ve seen.  The restrictions earlier in the year meant that many were shorter, part-day events which Robin photographed on his own and they were all fantastic and we have many detailed blog posts to put together in the coming months.

Thank you to all the fabulous people we’ve worked with this year.  Enjoy the pictures!

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