“They let our day flow… being sympathetic to moments where we were with friends but letting us know when the time was right for couple shots if the light was perfect or when we were more available. I would book these guys again in an instant if we had to do it all again.”

Ian & Anna

What would you like from your photographers?

Experience: Photographers who will document the day discreetly and confidently.

Most of day captured in a natural, documentary style but also with some quiet time for us away from the crowd.

Some organised group photos of our loved ones, but not for too long.

Photographers who won’t make the day all about them and who will just let the day breathe.

Above all else, beautiful pictures to remember a fantastic day with our favourite people.

We’ve been photographing weddings this way since 2007.  Choosing us means you’re choosing the quiet passion and quality we deliver for every wedding. We’re known for being meticulous, prepared and caring deeply about our work and our relationship with you.  Whether you choose to have both of us, or just Robin, we’ll photograph your wedding as quiet observers, with a keen eye, classy images and service that instils confidence at every step.


Two photographer option
Robin & Sarah

The choice for those who want the morning preparations covered from both points of view, two angles on the ceremony, speeches, the creative input of both of us during your ‘couple’ photos and generally more of everything.

We tend to instinctively know where each other will be so our pictures complement and enhance the each other’s and because of this, what we offer really is so much more than just a ‘second shooter’.

Single photographer option

Perfect for weddings where more of a low-key presence is required.

If you’re not fussed about having both preparations covered and would like your photography to be a little more subtle then this may be the right option for you.

How Robin Works

With precision timing, Robin loves capturing expressions,  raw emotions and all the things that make a wedding really personal.  You’ll find him with the bride getting ready, the front view of the ceremony, up-close with the hugs and in the middle of the action on the dancefloor.  He has a particular love of strong light and framing moments to tell a story.

How Sarah Works

So much more than just a ‘second shooter’, Sarah has her own unique ‘eye’ which gels with Robin’s beautifully .  You’ll find her covering the groom getting ready, the view from the rear of the ceremony, the guests arrivals and the wider view of reception and the day as a whole.  Fantastic with people, Sarah will arrange the group photos and provides superb alternative perspectives and ideas during the couple shoot.

A little about us

We met on a social workshop – ‘Flirting for fun’ and got married in 2011 at Avoncroft Museum in Bromsgrove – a town we’d come to call home a few years later.  We like the simple things in life such as hiking up hills, walks in the woods, good music, good films and good food.

Although we’re not ‘beach holiday’ people, we do love to travel and explore, both at home and abroad. We had our honeymoon in the deserts of Jordan and have been fortunate to visit many other incredible parts of the world.  Particular favourites have been Norway, Cuba, Egypt, the Greek islands and our favourites closer to home – the quirkiness of Whitby, the quietness of Northumberland and the drama of the Highlands of Scotland.

Fantastic testimonials from people we’ve worked with

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