“We searched for a long time to find photographers with the kind of quality and emotion that we had dreamed of for our wedding memories… and boy did we find them.”

Ian & Anna
Oakfield Gardens, Worcestershire

With so much choice out there, why choose us?

Selecting the photographer to capture the memories of your wedding can be a daunting task.  Even just within your local area the choice is huge, the styles vary from traditional to eclectic and of course prices range from truly low-budget to truly luxurious.

So where do we fit into all this?  Are we the right photographers for you?   Well, let’s begin with what we bring to the table…

We’ve been doing this a long time.  We photographed our first wedding back in 2007 and have stayed in business through all the ups and downs that life can throw at you.  We have an established style and couples book us because they love what we do.   We still love this job and although our work has become more refined over the years, the fundamental approach we take has always remained true:  We capture a day with your favourite people with honesty, humour, empathy and gorgeous visual storytelling.

Seven things you should know about how we work

1. Our photos are wholesome, honest and good for the soul

The bonds of family and friendship.  Anticipation, nerves, the emotion of the ceremony, quiet seconds of reflection, friends catching up or everyone rocking out on the dancefloor.    Weddings are interesting as they are so we don’t believe in faking or contriving what happens on your day. Fleeting trends, fads and gimmicks really hold no for interest us.

2. We’ll photograph your wedding day with the care, respect and passion it deserves.

You can focus on having a fantastic day with your friends and family, knowing that your memories will be documented by photographers who know what they’re doing and who won’t dominate the proceedings.  We want you to remember the day as your wedding, not as a photo shoot.

3. You can choose both of us or just Robin

Although many of the weddings you see here on our site were photographed by the two of us working together, it’s not mandatory.  Some weddings don’t need more than one photographer and many couples prefer a the more low-key approach of having just Robin.

4. We have an established style intended to give you the best balance possible

A big part of our role is to help you have a truly memorable day with your favourite people.  So, our photography is balanced mix of documentary-style ‘natural’ photos, a small number of organised group photos and one or two short portions of the day where we create pictures of the two of you alone.

Our priority is to give you as much time with your friends and family so we won’t keep you away for hours or orchestrate any more than is necessary.

5. We have experience & versatility you can rely upon

With more than 400 weddings under our belt, we’ve seen almost every situation and every type of venue imaginable.  From simple elopements, to intimate weddings at home to huge celebrations in grand locations, our versatility and ability to work with different environments and situations has been honed over many years.

6. We get fantastic testimonials from the couples we work with

Over the years we’ve worked with some really lovely people and it really hits home when we receive a glowing review, knowing that we’ve made a real difference.

7. We love small weddings just as much as bigger ones!

There’s a special quality to small weddings, the kind you only get with your closest friends and family and these have been some of our very favourites to photograph.  We have special options for more intimate celebrations which cover a shorter portion of the day.

This is us

We met on a social workshop – ‘Flirting for fun’ and got married in 2011 in Bromsgrove – a town we’d come to call home a few years later.  We like the simple things in life such as hiking up hills, walks in the woods, good music, good films and good food.

Although we’re not ‘beach holiday’ people, we do love to travel and explore, both at home and abroad. We had our honeymoon in the deserts of Jordan and have been fortunate to visit many other incredible parts of the world.  Particular favourites have been Norway, Cuba, Egypt, the Greek islands and our favourites closer to home – the quirkiness of Whitby, the quietness of Northumberland and the drama of the Highlands of Scotland.

How Robin Works

With precision timing, Robin loves capturing expressions,  raw emotions and all the things that make a wedding really personal.  You’ll find him with the bride getting ready, the front view of the ceremony, up-close with the hugs and in the middle of the action on the dancefloor.  He has a particular love of strong light and framing moments to tell a story.

How Sarah Works

So much more than just a ‘second shooter’, Sarah has her own unique ‘eye’ which gels with Robin’s beautifully .  You’ll find her covering the groom getting ready, the view from the rear of the ceremony, the guests arrivals and the wider view of reception and the day as a whole.  Fantastic with people, Sarah will arrange the group photos and provides superb alternative perspectives and ideas during the couple shoot.

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