Modern, authentic wedding photography with a storytelling style

We’re Robin & Sarah

You could probably call us ‘quiet people’.  We live in Bromsgrove with our two dogs and we’ve been together since 2004.  We like the simple things in life – visiting interesting places, good food, good company and good films.

We’ve been photographing weddings in our signature style since 2007.  Although venues, dresses and details are all very nice, our work is really about the people and the interactions between them.

We’re not the kind of photographers to loudly stamp our personalities all over your wedding.  Whether you choose to have both of us, or just Robin, we’ll photograph your wedding as quiet observers, with a keen eye, classy images and amazing service.

Keeping it real:
Capturing a fabulous day with your favourite people

Love, friendship, anticipation, nerves, joy, laughter –  each one a small story unfolding in front of us and  making for wonderful pictures.  Beautifully crafted with context and an empathetic eye we create pictures for you with relevance, depth and timeless appeal.

Exchanging your vows.  Speeches that make you laugh and make you cry. An emotional hug from your best friend.  A moment of reflection before making your entrance.  A reassuring word from grandad.  The bridesmaids sharing a giggle. What weddings are all about, really.

Bride and groom enjoy Polish bread and salt ceremony

…and a day with your favourite person in the world

Our ‘couple’ photos are are all about soaking up the surroundings of your venue and enjoying some time away from the crowd.  Whether you exude energy or yearn for tranquillity, we’ll create timeless and classy couple pictures that reflect your personalities and which you’ll look back on and treasure for years to come.

We can keep these photos short or go for a longer session, whatever you prefer.  And though we can give you enough direction so you look good to the cameras, we’re definitely not fans of stiff posing (and neither are you).  Just relax and enjoy the time together.

Bride and groom sitting on steps of wedding venue and laughing together

How Robin works

With precision timing, Robin loves capturing  expressions,  raw emotions and all the things that make a good wedding really personal.  You’ll usually find him covering the bride getting ready, the front view of the ceremony, up-close when everyone congratulates the couple and in the middle of the action on the dancefloor.  He has a particular love of working with strong light and framing moments to tell a story.

Some of Robin’s portfolio pictures

How Sarah works

So much more than just a ‘second shooter’, Sarah’s has her own unique ‘eye’ which gels with Robin’s beautifully .  You’ll find her covering the groom getting ready, the view from the rear of the ceremony, the guests arrivals and the wider view of reception and the day as a whole.  Fantastic with people, Sarah will arrange the group photos and provides superb alternative perspectives and ideas during the couple shoot.  She has a particular love of working with a longer lens and is an expert at finding things to shoot ‘through’ to frame a moment.

Some of Sarah’s portfolio pictures

How we work together

Most of the ‘larger’ weddings we’re commissioned for are photographed by the two of us.  The choice for those who want the morning preparations covered from both points of view, two angles on the ceremony, speeches, the creative input of both of us during your ‘couple’ photos and generally more of everything.

There’s points in the day where we work in unison and other parts where we are completely separate.  We’re married, we’ve worked together for more than a decade so we tend to instinctively know where each other will be.  Our pictures complement and enhance each other’s and because of this, what we offer really is so much more than just an ‘additional photographer’

Examples of our work taken at the same moment

Side by side comparison of Hindu wedding ceremony photographed from two angles at the same time
Side by side comparison of Hindu wedding ceremony photographed from two angles at the same time

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