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Our Approach & Style

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Love.  Friendship.  Happiness.  Anticipation.  Nerves.  Reflection.  Joy.  Laughter.

All of these wonderful things!

They’re the heart and soul of your wedding and we capture them discreetly, documenting the moments, relationships and emotions we see through the course of the day.

Our pictures are composed with an artistic eye, with layering, context and an empathy for what’s unfolding in front of us.  This helps convey the moment in a way that makes the picture tell a small story.  It means your pictures will have a depth and a relevance to you that goes far beyond just people smiling at the camera.

‘Staging’ events really isn’t our thing.   What actually happens at your wedding – all the fun, the laughs, the interactions –  is far more interesting and personal to you than anything we could contrive.

Bridesmaids react to seeing bride in her wedding dress

“Rob and Sarah knew exactly how to make those moments alive and precious to us. Everyone who has seen the photographs are overwhelmed with the quality, love and care that has gone into them”

Sinèad & Nick


We love doing the ‘couple shoot’.  Always have, always will.  These pictures of the two of you alone are some of the most important of the whole day and some of the most creative and enjoyable for us to photograph.  By keeping these sessions private and quiet, you can just relax and be yourselves while we make some beautiful images.

It’s not about ‘posing’ – it’s more about capturing who you are together, how you interact and how you bounce off each other. Think of it as a nice break – a bit of downtime together with some peace and quiet.

Don’t worry – we won’t keep you away for hours.  We’ll go for as much or as little time as you prefer.

“The professionalism and commitment made planning the day from afar a lot less stressful. As a result, we were able to enjoy the wedding day itself so much more knowing that they had things under control.”

Roksana & Shane


We’ve been doing this since 2007 so we know that building a great, trusting relationship with you is a top priority.

Part of that confidence comes from getting involved in your planning as early as possible.  Although we much prefer to be ‘hands off’ on the day itself, a certain amount of pre-planning is what allows us to keep on top of things so that on the day we can all breathe.

We’re don’t control your day, but making the best use of your time from a photo perspective is something we can really help with.


Having a good feel for your wedding venue helps us get better pictures for you.   If we’ve not worked there before we’ll do a little ‘recce’ visit in the weeks leading up to the wedding date.  We find it really useful to get ‘grounded’ at the place, say hello to the staff and to get an understanding of the layout.

If you’re getting ready elsewhere or if your wedding uses more than one venue, we’ll even do a test drive of the route to make sure the sat-nav is correct (sometimes it’s not!).  We like to feel prepared, ready and have the logistics clear in our minds before we get to the big day.

“From start to finish we were treated like friends rather than another client.”

Sarah & Gareth

We love what we do!

When you book us, you are hiring *us* – our personalities, our creativity and the joint experience we’ve built up together for over 13 years. You’re choosing the passion that we inject into our work and our untiring sense of ‘doing things right’.

Thanks for your time, we hope you love our work.