About Us & Our Style

We’ve always carved out our own style and photographed weddings in a way that felt right to us.

We’ve never been particularly interested in gimmicks or fads.  Instead, we prefer natural, relaxed and classy, with a love of strong compositions, beautiful light, colour and life.

We’re Rob & Sarah

We’re both Midlands born-and-bred and we’ve been together since 2004.

We have two small dogs and live in Bromsgrove, situated between Birmingham and Worcester.  It’s an area we’ve come to call home since moving here in 2014.  We’re very fortunate to have the Lickey Hills, Clent Hills and Waseley Hills all on our doorstep.

Rob is actually a Robin, not a Robert.  He is eleven years older than Sarah, although due to his baby-face, looks younger than he is. The photography business is his full-time job..

In-between weddings, Sarah is a community support worker for adults with special needs.  It’s a role that is in complete contrast to the world of weddings and one she is exceptionally good at.

We love to explore interesting places, both at home and abroad.  We’re not ‘beach holiday’ people.  We had our honeymoon in the deserts of Jordan and have been fortunate to visit many other incredible places.

Capturing The Heart & Soul Of Your Wedding

Photographing weddings is challenging and highly varied , but we’ve always prioritised the parts we enjoy the most.

Love, friendship, anticipation, nerves, reflection, joy, laughter – all of these wonderful things are the essential elements of every wedding we see and they make for wonderful pictures.  We photograph them with discretion, quietly documenting the moments, relationships and emotions we see through the course of the day.

We frame and capture your pictures with an artistic eye –  with layering, context and an empathy for what’s unfolding in front of us.  This helps convey the moment in a way that tells a small story.  It means your wedding photographs will have a depth and a relevance to you that goes far beyond people just smiling at a camera.

‘Staging’ events really isn’t our thing.  You won’t see us telling the bridal party to walk hand-in-hand across the lawn or instructing the fellas to jump in the air.  We prefer to keep it natural, to keep it real. What actually happens at  your wedding is far more interesting and personal to you than anything we could contrive.

The Two of You – with Gorgeousness

Pictures of the two of you alone are some of the most important of the whole day and some of the most creative and enjoyable for us to photograph.  By keeping these sessions private and quiet, you can relax and be yourselves while we make some beautiful images.

It’s not about ‘posing’ – it’s more about capturing who you are together, how you interact and how you bounce off each other. Think of it as a nice break – a bit of downtime together with some peace and quiet. for as much or as little time as you prefer.

The Two of Us

Most of our larger weddings are photographed by the two of us, together. We’re two creative minds whose pictures complement each other and our unique blend of creativity is consistent throughout every wedding we’re commissioned for.

There’s parts of the day where we work together, allowing two angles on the ceremony, the speeches and the creative input of both of us during your couple shoot. For other parts of the day, we’re completely separate, capturing both of your morning preparations and the myriad of other moments taking place during the day.

Here’s a few examples of the two of us capturing the same moment from different angles

Side by side images of same moment during wedding ceremony from two different angles

Experience Counts

When you book us, you are hiring *us* – our personalities, our creativity and the joint experience we’ve built up together for more than 13 years. You’re choosing the passion that we inject into our work and our untiring sense of ‘doing things right’.

It’s just the two of us and we don’t use associate photographers, so you know that when you book, we’re here for you all the way through to the wedding day and beyond.

Thanks for your time, we hope you love our work.

Got 3mins 20 second to spare?  Let us show you what we do.  Watch our Welcome Slideshow to really get a feel for our work.

Go full-screen, crank up the sound and PLAY

Our work is featured on English Wedding Blog, Boho Weddings and So You’re Getting Married. We’ve also been in Your West Midlands Wedding magazine and we’ve even made the cover!

Cover of Your West Midlands Wedding Magazine featuring photography by Rob & Sarah Gillespie