Bride and groom piggyback at Delbury Hall

“I had the most incredible memories from my wedding day, seeing my granddad gleaming with pride when he saw me for the first time in my dress, watching the expressions on the faces of my flower girls as I was getting ready, seeing the look on Mike’s face as I walked into church, memories that I knew would be locked in my head for a lifetime. What astounded me, when I saw my wedding photos for the first time, was how those memories had been so powerfully and perfectly brought to life. Those intimate, exclusive moments had been captured for us to share with whoever we wanted, it was a truly remarkable experience seeing them, leaving me in tears, for all the right reasons.”

Featured on English Wedding Blog
Sarah and Mike’s wedding is featured on English Wedding Blog!

Wow. Just wow 🙂

Sarah and Mike booked us only a few months prior to their date and had come to us as a referral from Paula and Sean, who’s brilliant wedding we photographed the previous year.

Referral weddings are always great because people are basing their decision on work done for people they know well. In Sarah and Mike’s case, they were also guests at Paula and Sean’s wedding so had already seen how we work and interact during the course of the day. In addition to this, they had chosen a venue completely new to us – Delbury Hall in Shropshire.

Delbury is a large Georgian mansion in the village of Diddlebury – one of the five Corvedale parishes in the heart of the Shopshire countryside. They have been hosting weddings for a few years now in their refurbished Coach House buildings adjacent to the main manor house.

Mike, his best man and ushers got ready at the couple’s home while Sarah, her mum and bridesmaids had stayed at Delbury the night before so used the Coach House rooms. Makeup duties were handled by Vanessa of Exclusive Brides, who we’ve met several times over the years and is always relaxed and easy to work alongside.

Sarah and Mike’s wedding service was held in St Peter’s church. Just a few yards walk from the Delbury manor house and situated in the heart of the village, St Peter’s is a really lovely little church with a beautiful lychgate. Rev John Beesley conducted the service with warmth and humour and we were given no silly restrictions to work with. 😉  One of the best vicars we’ve come across this year.

The venue decorations were by Lauradana Day or Wedding Creations UK and the floral arrangements by Sarah Jane Midwood . The Coach House looked fantastic and an already lovely space had really been brought to life by the details and flowers.  Every single guest had a small photo of themselves on their table which must have taken the couple ages to gather up and reproduce.  The tables themselves were all named after the places where Sarah and Mike walk their dog, Murphy.  Unfortunately it wasn’t possible for Murphy to be at the wedding, but he was at least present during the men’s morning preps 🙂

After the (superb) meal and speeches which were best described as ’emotional’, we began Sarah and Mike’s evening photo session. As soon as we started we knew we were in for a treat. The weather conditions were perfect. Just perfect. Still bright and sunny but not harsh and with enough warmth in the light to make the images really ‘pop’.

This was a really amazing day. Everything just fell into place properly – the weather, the venue, the atmosphere, the timings, the wedding party and of course Sarah and Mike themselves, who were an absolute joy to work with all day. The Delbury Hall grounds are a treasure-trove of photo opportunities and it’s a venue which is run well without being overbearing. We very much look forward to Delbury in the future.

Wedding cards displayed delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-002 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-003 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-004 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-005 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-006 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-007 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-008 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-009 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-012 Delbury Hall Coach House sign Delbury Hall main manor house Wedding dress and bridal shoes at Delbury Hall Coach House Bride giving mother and grandfather present at Delubury Hall Grandfather, bride and mother at Delbury Hall Bridal flowers at Delbury Hall by Sarah Jane Midwood photographed by Rob & Sarah Gillespie Bride prepares for her wedding at Delbury Hall Bride preparing for her Delbury Hall wedding while flowergirls look on Bride and bridesmaid laughing at Delbury Hall prior to wedding Bridesmaids preparing for wedding in Delbury Hall Coachhouse room Bride having makeup applied at Delbury Hall while pageboy looks on Pageboy pulling funny face Bride inspecting makeup prior to Delbury Hall wedding Bride laughing with makeup artist by Rob & Sarah Gillespie Photographers Bride hugs flowergirl in beautiful light at Delbury Hall Coachhouse Bridesmaid helps bride put on shoes at Delbury Hall Flower girls look on as bride gets ready for wedding at Delbury Hall Bridesmaid fastens wedding dress for bride at Delbury Hall Bridesmaid helps bride with dress at Delbury Hall Bride and mother preparing for wedding Bride checks herself in mirror at Delbury Hall Bride and bridesmaids check dress before wedding at Delbury Hall Bride, flower girls and pageboy at Delbury Hall Bride portrait in beautiful light at Delbury Hall Coach House in Shropshire Pensive bride portrait in window light at Delbury Hall Painted church sign at Delbury Hall St Peters Church Diddlebury in beautiful sunlight with dramatic sky delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-048 Confetti ready at St Peters Church Diddlebury Confetti in steel bucket at St Peters Church Diddlebury Flowers decorate church pews at St Peters Church Diddlebury Groom prepares for wedding Vicar helping move chairs ready for wedding at St Peters Church Diddlebury Best Man helps groom with flower Portrait of groom at St Peters Church DIddlebury Wedding guests arrive at church in Diddlebury delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-058 Wedding guests arriving at St Peters Church Diddlebury Harpist plays at wedding in St Peters Diddlebury Bride arrives in car at St Peters Diddlebury for wedding Bride and bridesmaids chat with vicar prior to church ceremony in Diddlebury Shropshire Bride and grandfather walk to church for wedding in Diddlebury Shropshire Bride and grandfather arrive at wedding in Diddlebury Groom awaits bride at wedding service in St Peters Church Diddlebury delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-072 Flower girl walks up aisle in St Peters Church Diddlebury Bride enters church for wedding at St Peters Diddlebury Bride walks up aisle at St Peters wedding in Diddlebury Groom sees bride for the first time at wedding in St Peters Church Diddlebury delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-079 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-080 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-081 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-082 Grandfather looks on as granddaughter gets married in St Peters Church Diddlebury delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-084 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-085 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-086 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-087 Church wedding service at St Peters in Diddlebury Shropshire Grandfather gives bride away in church service wedding delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-092 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-093 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-096 Rev John Beesley blesses couple during wedding service in Diddlebury Bride and groom sign register during church wedding in Diddlebury Wedding witnesses sign register as harpist plays delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-101 Flower girls pose for camera at end of wedding in St Peters Church Diddlebury Bride and groom walk down the aisle delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-104 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-105 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-106 Guests congratulate bride and groom at wedding in Diddlebury Guests congratulate bride and groom at wedding in Diddlebury Delbury Hall wedding photography by Rob & Sarah Gillespie Wedding guests congratulate bride and groom delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-115 Bride and groomw wal through confetti being thrown by guests delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-117 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-118 Bride and groom share a quiet moment at St Peters Church Diddlebury Bride and groom hug in doorway of church in striking sunlight Bride and groom kiss in church doorway Bride and groom in church doorway at St Peters Diddlebury Bride and groom kiss in churchyard with lychgate arch in foreground delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-124 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-125 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-126 Bride and groom walk hand in hand at Delbury Hall Bride and groom walk together in front of Delbury Hall with lake and swans in foreground Delbury Hall and Coach House in beautiful sunlight with dramatic sky delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-131 Page boy delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-137 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-140 Coach House recpetion room set up ready for wedding breakfast at Delbury Hall Shropshire delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-144 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-145 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-146 Flower details at Delbury Hall wedding reception delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-155 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-159 Wedding guests relax with drinks at Delbury Hall delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-165 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-166 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-167 Bride and groom in sunshine at Delbury Hall Bride and groom relaxed on the steps of Delbury Hall Bride adn groom enjoying a quiet moment at Delbury Hall in sunshine Bride and groom relax in the sunshine at Delbury hall wedding delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-176 Bride and groom at Delbury Hall relaxing in the evening sunshine Bride and groom inside Delbury Hall on stairway Bride and groom laughing together at Delbury Hall with weeping willow in background Bride and groom in Delbury Hall grounds Bride and groom in Delbury Hall grounds relaxing in the evening Reflection of bride and groom in water at Delbury Hall on beautiful summer evening Bride and groom on bench with Delbury Hall in background in evening sunlight Bride and groom on bench alongside Delbury Hall lake in beautiful evening sunlight Bride and groom walk together in field at Delbury Hall with amazing evening light Bride and groom in stunning evening light at Delbury Hall delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-188 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-189 Bride and groom at Delbury Hall delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-191 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-192 Bride and groom walking together in Delbury Hall grounds Bride and groom piggyback at Delbury Hall delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-195 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-197 Flower girls at Delbury Hall wedding delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-199 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-200 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-201 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-205 Groom and friends enjoying cigars at Delbury Hall Wedding Bride and groom first dance at Delbury Hall Bride and groom first dance at Delbury Hall delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-214 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-215 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-216 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-217 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-218 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-219 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-220 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-221 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-225 delbury-hall-coach-house-shropshire-wedding-photographers-226

Delbury Hall wedding photographers Rob & Sarah Gillespie, husband and wife photographers based in the Midlands.

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