Home & Village Hall Weddings

Homely & Gorgeous

There’s a unique atmosphere to weddings held in village halls or at home locations.  They tend to have more of a handmade feel to them, with friends and family pitching in to help. You set your own schedule and you’re really not fussed about everything running perfectly on time.

We’ve seen weddings held in family gardens, in farmer’s fields and of course in village and church halls.  Here’s a selection from our blog…

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About Us

We’re based in the Midlands and have been photographing weddings since 2007.  Our pictures are a fantastic blend of of natural, undirected moments and gorgeous couple portraits, all captured with beautiful light, colour and life.

With a spontaneous and creative approach, our aim is to capture the real essence of your wedding with our signature style, passion and attention to detail.  We offer the choice of one photographer or two and photograph weddings big, small and in-between.

Robin & Sarah

Us, on our own wedding day

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