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Capturing the essence of your day. Providing help and guidance. Getting along with you and your guests. Being experienced and dependable. It’s what we do.

Our signature style, with one photographer or two

Our pictures are spontaneous, reactive and creative – natural moments, captured with beautiful light, colour and life.  A fantastic blend of real moments and relaxed couple portraits that document your wedding day beautifully and authentically. The fun, the nerves, the grandeur, anticipation and everything else that a good wedding is.

The two of us:  The choice for those who want the morning covered from both points of view, two angles on the ceremony, speeches, the creative input of both of us during your ‘couple’ photos and generally more of everything.   Our pictures complement and enhance each other’s and because of this, what we offer really is so much more than just an ‘additional photographer’

The single photographer option with Robin is perfect for weddings where more of a low-key presence is required. If you’re not fussed about having both preparations covered and would like your photography to be a little more subtle then this may be the right option for you.

Included as standard:

An online chat prior to the big day.  Talking through the plan for the day really helps and we’ll probably give you lots of tips and suggestions based upon on our extensive experience.

Image file download – no limits on the number of pictures we deliver and all are individually edited to the same standard you see here.

Copyright release.  You’re welcome to print your pictures as large as you like and share them.

Slideshow of highlights.  A carefully-curated and emotive showreel of the day, set to music.

Private online gallery with free small downloads for guests and the ability to buy professionally-made prints.

Full-day weddings


From the excitement and nerves of the morning preparations, the ceremony itself, the relaxed fun of the drinks reception and speeches through to the energy of the dancefloor.  Our classic full-day options cover the majority of the day,  capturing the enormous range of moments with honesty, empathy and beautiful visual story-telling.

Single photographer (Robin): £1500-£1900 depending on day of the week, time of year and travel

Two photographers (Robin + Sarah): £1800-£2400

Please enquire for a quote

Small & Short weddings


We have special options that are suited to small and micro weddings, elopements and vow renewals, with one photographer (Robin) and covering a shorter portion of the day.

Part-day weddings with Robin from £400

Please enquire for a quote

Part-day options may have more limited availability


Holding one of our beautiful wedding albums in your hands is a joy that has to be experienced – the quality, the finish and elegant design.  Browsing through the luxurious pages will bring your wedding day to life and provide a wonderful legacy for generations to come.

We offer various styles of album, all exuding quality and with our exacting attention to detail.  Available as an add-on with your booking or separately.

Albums can be added to booking option, from £250

Couple relaxed sitting on canal lock in beautiful evening light

Couple photo shoots


Whether you’ve just got engaged or are celebrating an anniversary or just fancy a photo shoot with your partner for no particular reason, a couple shoot is a great way to spend a bit of time together and create pictures which reflect your personalities.

Quoted individually

Photography for a private 50th birthday party

Private events


So you have a special event planned and would like it documented with fantastic photographs?  Whether it’s a milestone birthday party or anniversary, a christening or baptism, we’ll photograph it for you with the same relaxed style we apply to weddings.

Quoted individually

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your style?
Natural, relaxed and stylish, with a love of strong compositions, beautiful light, colour and life.  The vast majority of our pictures are ‘real moments’, photographed with empathy and context.  We also love to get you away from the crowd for a short while to create some gorgeous couple pictures that reflect your personalities and show off your venue.

Do you always work together on weddings?
Most of our ‘larger’ weddings are photographed by the two of us, however we also offer the option of having just Robin but this isn’t available for all dates.  ‘Small’ weddings are nearly always photographed by Robin alone.

How far do you travel for weddings?
We’re happy to travel. About 60-90 minutes or so from our home near Bromsgrove is fine. For weddings further away we might need to charge a little more or have an overnight stay, but we’ll discuss and agree all this before you book.

I never feel comfortable in front of the camera and don’t like having my picture taken – what can you do?
Many of the couples who come to us ask this question. Most people feel a bit awkward at first but we’ll put you at ease in no time. If you’re concerned about your ‘couple session’ we would always recommend our optional pre-wedding shoot. This gives us chance to get to know each other a little and will make you feel a little more comfy in front of the lens.

Who actually takes the pictures?
Robin and Sarah. We don’t bring in other photographers unless in an emergency.

Do you ever work for anyone else?
Generally no, although we help other wedding photography companies when one of their staff has been ill or unavailable.

We love the look of your work – what next?
Send us an enquiry and we’ll check our availability for your date.  We’ll then give your access to our Welcome Page which contains full pricing info.

Will our wedding be on your website or blog?
We show at least some work from the vast majority of the weddings we work on and generally speaking, our couples are OK with that. The simple fact is that if we couldn’t show the work we create then you wouldn’t have found us – and we wouldn’t have a business. That said, we’re obviously sensible about what we show and only use pictures in specific ways – maybe a blog post or on our portfolio pages or on our social media accounts, but not necessarily all of them.  If you have concerns about privacy do talk to us as we’re not in the business of causing problems for people.

How much do you charge?
Part-day for small weddings starts at around £500 for the popular 2-hour option with Robin.

Full-day weddings are £1500-£2400. We know that’s a huge range but it depends on several factors – whether you want one or both of us, day of the week, time of year, travel and how much other work we have booked in around the same time.  Please send an enquiry and we’ll be happy to provide a proper quote.

Do your prices include VAT and travel?
We’re a teeny-tiny business so we fall under the legal threshold for VAT, therefore no VAT is payable by you on any of our products or services. Travel costs are included in the quote we provide.

Can we meet before we decide to book?
Absolutely. We prefer to meet people before they book, if possible.  Most meetings are now done online with Zoom.  We can chat for as long as you like, No hard-sell or pressure.

Can you hold our date for us?
We get hundreds of enquiries each year so a date can only be booked with a signed contract and booking payment.

How much is the deposit and when is the rest of the money due?
The Booking & Reservation fee for full-day bookings is £400 (less for part-day) and is to be paid at the same time your contract is signed. An interim payment is due six months before the wedding date. The balance is due four weeks before the wedding day.  Additional costs for album upgrades and additional products can wait until after the wedding.

How do we book you?
Simply send us a quick email to let us know you’d like to go ahead and we’ll send you a link to our booking form.  Once you’ve completed the form we’ll set up your contract online for you to review and sign.  Send us the Booking & Reservation Fee by BACS transfer and you’re done.

Will there be a contract to sign?
Yes, it will be signed by both of you. Our contract covers all the important points including the payment schedule, what you will receive and our standard terms and conditions so you know exactly what to expect. It’s mostly common-sense stuff.

What happens if you are ill?
The chances of both us being so ill that we cannot work are pretty slim, but over the years we’ve developed a great network with like-minded photographers, all of which are at a similar level to us. This means we have a pool of people to contact in the event of an absolute emergency.

What is your cancellation policy?
Once you book us, we reserve your date and turn away all other enquiries for it.  Therefore, if you cancel our services payments made up to that point are non-refundable unless we are able to re-book your date.  This does not affect your statutory 14-day ‘cooling off’ period.

What happens if my wedding is affected by another pandemic?
If your wedding can’t happen because of government restrictions in the future, then we’ll work with you to move your booking to a new date that works for you and for us.  You won’t lose any payments or have to pay any more if your new date is within twelve calendar months.  If you have to postpone beyond that, then there may possibly be a small ‘catchup’ to bring your booking in line with our prices at the time.

Are you insured?
Of course. We carry full public liability and indemnity insurance.

Are you a proper business?
Absolutely and we have been since 2007.

Can you cover both of us if we’re getting ready in different locations?
We always prefer to. It really depends on the distances involved but we always try to accommodate preps for both of you if it’s logistically possible.

How many group shots will there be?
Group photos are important but we ask that the numbers are kept sensible to ensure there is enough time for us to capture other things too. Basically, the more formal photos there are, the less ‘natural’ photos. We recommend no more than 10 formal group photos. This is usually enough to include the most important people but without unnecessary combinations.

How many pictures will you take on the day?
We take lots! However the final set is usually 600+ images for 10-hour coverage, but it can vary.

Is it OK if some of the guests take pictures too?
Guests love to take their own photos and for most of the time we’d never dream of stopping them. The only exception is when we take the bride and groom off alone.

How long will it be before we can see the pictures?
Usually within 8 weeks, sometimess less. It may sometimes take longer depending on our workload but we’ll keep you informed anyway.

We have friends and family coming from all over the place – will they be able to see the pictures?
Yes – we will create an online gallery of the pictures so people see them from anywhere in the world. People will also be able to order prints and have them sent to their homes without bothering you. The gallery will be password protected and will usually be accessible for at least six months after the wedding.

We may want to order reprints in the future – how long do you keep the pictures for?
Your pictures will be archived permanently, so future reprints are no problem. However the price is likely to rise after longer than six months.

Do we get the high-resolution image files and can we print and share them?
Of course! As standard, we supply the fully-edited high-resolution digital image files from your wedding day and pre-wedding shoot via a private download.   You will receive the files  original resolution files suitable for printing but smaller ‘web sized’ copies can be downloaded also.

Tell me about our private client gallery
All of our couples are given a private online gallery which features all of the final images from your wedding (and pre-wedding shoot, if you have one) plus the presentation slideshow.  You’re welcome to browse through the files as often as you like and you can share the password with anyone ( we will not give the password out).  Anyone who is given access to the gallery can also download individual copies of the image files, but they are limited to web-sized files.  If you’d like all of your guests to be able to download the high-resolution images than this can be purchased as an add-on.  The gallery will remain online for six months but this can be extended on request.

What size are the image files on our download?
Our current cameras produce images at 24 megapixels so even after artistic cropping the files have enough resolution to print as large as you like.

Are the image files watermarked?
The files we provide on your download are completely free of watermarks.  Small copies downloaded from your private online gallery will have a small logo watermark in the corner.

How far ahead can we book for our small wedding?
It depends on how far ahead you are booking for and any other work we have in for the same part of the year.  Get in touch and we’ll see what’s possible.

How long should we book you for?
Our small wedding options begin with two hours which would cover arrivals at the venue, the ceremony, hugs & confetti plus time with the two of you alone.  If you’d like to include anything beyond then we have options for more than two hours.

We feel two hours is more than we need – can we book for less time?
All of our booking options can be customised so feel free to make an enquiry and we’ll see what’s possible.

How do payments work?
The Booking & Reservation Fee is £200 and is paid when you sign your contract.  There is an interim payment of £200 six months prior to the date (packages of £800 or more only).  The Balance payment is due 4 weeks before the wedding.  Payment is via BACS transfer.

What is your cancellation policy?
Once you book us, we reserve your date and turn away all other work for that day.  Therefore, if you cancel our services, payments made up to that point are non-refundable unless we are able to re-book your date.  This does not affect your statutory 14-day ‘cooling off’ period.

What happens if my wedding is affected by the pandemic?
If your small wedding is legally prevented from happening then we’ll work with you to move your booking to a new date that works for you and for us.  You won’t lose any payments or have to pay any more if your new date is within six calendar months.  If you have to postpone beyond that, then there may possibly be a small ‘catchup’ to bring your booking in line with our prices at the time.

Do we need a pre-wedding shoot?
Every couple is different – some know they want a pre-wedding shoot from the start, others are sure they don’t need one at all.  Many people add on a pre-wedding shoot after making their initial booking.  What we would say is that everyone who has a pre-wedding shoot  enjoys it and gets benefit from the experience which helps them be more confident about their ‘couple’ photos on the big day.

How do we book a pre-wedding shoot?
You can add a pre-wedding shoot onto your booking package, or you can request one at a later date.

When and where does the pre-wedding shoot take place?
We typically do pre-wedding shoots 3-10 weeks prior to the wedding date but this can be flexible.  Most of our shoots are done close to where we live – we use a lovely hilltop spot which is usually quiet and has easy access but we’re open to suggestion if you’d like to use somewhere else that has relevance to you.

How much do you charge?
Pre-wedding shoots are £150 with just Robin or £200 with Robin and Sarah.  If you choose a location further away from our standard location we may have to charge a bit more.  If there’s any admission charges you’ll need to pay for yourselves and us.

We’re interested in making a Guest Book using pictures from our pre-wedding shoot – is this possible?
Yes, we offer a beautiful guest book as an option.  If this is something you’d like then let us know as early as possible as we’ll need to make sure the shoot is done with enough time for us to design and receive the Guest Book before your wedding.

How do we buy a wedding album?
Albums can be included in your booking package or purchased as a standalone item after the the wedding for a slightly higher cost.

We’re not sure if we want an album yet – can I add one later?
Yes.  As long you let us know before your balance payment is due (4 weeks prior to the wedding) we can simply upgrade your booking package to include an album.  You’re also welcome to order an album after the wedding but the price will be a bit higher.

Do we have any say over how the album will look?
Of course.  We see it as part of our service to guide you through the whole album process from start to finish. We will present an initial design based on what we think looks great. You are then welcome to ask for amendments and you’ll ‘sign off’ on the design once you’re happy. Most people generally only want a small number of alterations.

How many pictures can I have in my album?
We do not limit the number of pictures in albums but instead charge by the page. Our album options all begin with a generous number of pages. Just bear in mind that the more pictures you have, the more crowded the album will look and cramming them in is never a good idea. Ever.

How long will it be before we receive our album?
Difficult to say because much of the time taken is waiting for you to come back with alteration requests and we never want you to rush this process.  We’ll usually provide the initial album designs within two months of sending you your image files but it may take longer if we’re particularly busy.  Once you come back with alterations we’ll turn them around as quickly as possible.  Once the album is actually ordered with our supplier we usually have it back within a month.

How long are album prices valid for?
Because the album process can take a while we have to limit how long we can keep pricing static.  Album prices remain unchanged for six months after we provide the initial design layouts.  After six months we’re unable to protect you from any cost increases from our supplier, should there be any.  If you don’t come back within a year then there’ll be an additional £50 added to your album cost and the same for each subsequent year after that.

Robin & Sarah

That’s us, on our own wedding day

We’d love to hear from you.

We keep to a limit of about 30 weddings each year and it’s just the two of us.  When you book, we’re here for you all the way, from your initial ‘hello’ through to the wedding day and beyond.

We work in all the Midlands counties and are happy to travel further across England, Wales and Scotland.

Thank you for looking, we’d love to hear from you.