Wedding Photography at Warwick Castle

Rhiannon & Jonny’s wedding at
Long Buckby Baptist Church &
Warwick Castle

Bride and groom relaxing together with walls of Warwick Castle in the background

“Thank you so much for the photographs, we absolutely love them!”

Rhiannon & Jonny

Wedding plans at Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is a wedding venue we’ve long wanted to work at. More than 900 years of history and a magnificent building.  The cavernous main hall, the huge perimeter wall and towers as well as the vast grounds make this a truly inspiring place in which to take pictures –  and as backdrop for a wedding celebration, it’s right up there with the best of them.

Rhiannon and Jonny came to us early in 2021 after finding us through Instagram.  They liked our work because – in their words – “We love that in your photographs, joy and fun is captured and that’s what we’re hoping for on our day (and life!!)” together!).  Always lovely get that kind of comment in an enquiry! :-)

What we really loved about their plans was the contrast – a truly personal wedding ceremony at a church they’d attended for years – and a reception in the grand surroundings of the castle.  And although there was a fair bit of travelling to do, everything came together nicely and resulted in a fantastic day.

Ceremony at Long Buckby Baptist Church

The village of Long Buckby is situated about 45 mins or so from Warwick, across the border into Northamptonshire.  It’s here, at her parents’ home, that Rhiannon and her bridesmaids got ready for the day .  The Long Buckby Baptist Church is in the centre of the village and it was here that the wedding ceremony took place with a string quartet accompaniment courtesy of Leo’s Strings.  A lovely, personalised ceremony – with Rhiannon’s dad conducting the proceedings – and with lots of music, singing and laughs – with ice cream for everyone afterwards! :-)

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Wedding Reception at Warwick Castle

As a  wedding venue, Warwick Castle is a little unusual in that the guests cannot gain entry until later in day, when the public are starting to leave.  So while this means timings have to be just so – it does mean that everyone at the wedding can enjoy the grounds and castle without the presence of the public.  It really does help make weddings at Warwick Castle feel that extra bit special.

The drinks reception was held at The Conservatory – which lies a short walk from the main castle and is surrounded by topiary gardens.  It’s a really lovely spot to enjoy a drink and mingle on a summer afternoon.  We arrived at the venue first, followed shortly after by Rhiannon and Jonny so we got some couple photos done with them in the area before the rest of the party arrived – led by a toastmaster in knight’s outfit and the court jester!  Loved these little bits of theatrics!

As people relaxed into the late afternoon and with photos at the drinks reception complete, it was time to take Rhiannon and Jonny off for a slightly longer photo excursion around the Warwick Castle grounds.  The grounds are huge and it would be very easy to shoot in them all day – so getting timings right is a top priority.  Robin had visited the venue the previous week and met up with Hollie, the Weddings & Event Co-ordinator, who was very generous with her time and gave Robin a guided tour of the venue.  Although we don’t really plan individual photos in advance (as light and conditions can vary so much from day to day), we do like to have a good grasp of the layout of a wedding venue and how to best make use of time.  So thanks to all this preparation, we were able to get photos of the couple is a myriad of locations around the castle and grounds before re-joining  the rest of the part for the meal, speeches and evening party – and all on time! :-)

Our experience at Warwick Castle – photographing a wedding at this prestigious venue

Warwick Castle is a prestigious wedding venue and one with a fine reputation. But our experience of wedding venues is based not much on the wow factor, but on the staff.  Having a great team can really make or break our impression of a venue and we’re glad to say that Warwick Castle’s team was just excellent.  Event manager Hollie was so helpful, from the weeks prior to the wedding, to the venue tour, the the day itself.  And the rest of the team were on-point too – everything just felt connected and well-communicated – and the food was absolutely superb! :-)

A huge thank you to Rhiannon and Jonny for asking us to photograph their wedding.  It really was a fantastic day and they were just the nicest couple to work with.  But big thanks also to Hollie and her team at Warwick Castle who helped make working there so enjoyable.

About Warwick Castle

With more than 900 years of history, a medieval fortress of a building and vast grounds, Warwick Castle is a wedding venue like no other in Warwickshire.

Located in the centre of Warwick on the banks of the River Avon, Warwick Castle offers use of the Great Hall and State Rooms, including the State Dining Room and the  the collection of drawing rooms.

The Great Hall is licensed for civil wedding ceremony and can host up to 120 people for a ceremony or meal, or 180 for the evening party. Also available for a civil ceremony is the State Dining Room, with a capacity of 95, or 40 for a seated meal.  Finally the Green Drawing Room is also licenced and cant host 80 people for a ceremony.

Supplier links for this wedding:

Church: Long Buckby Baptist Church, Northamptonshire
Reception venue: Warwick Castle, Warwickshire, CV34 6AH
Rhiannon’s dress: Essence of Australia supplied by Serendipity in Weeden
Jonny’s suit: Ted Baker
Florals: Sarah Speed-Andrews
Hair: Martin & Sarah at Klickers Rugby
Makeup: Yvonne Aucott
Cake: The Cakery, Leamington Spa
Evening band: The Collective