The Ceremony

Photographing The Wedding Ceremony

All the final preps are done, guests are taking their seats and you’re about to get married. Wedding ceremonies are amazing – a tumult of emotions, mixed with formality, nerves and joy.


If at all possible, we love to be at the ceremony venue a tad earlier than is strictly necessary.  This is the first point in the day where everyone comes together and there’s some great little moments happening.  Ushers handing out the order of service, old friends and family greeting and catching up.

A perfect opportunity to capture some atmosphere and set the scene before the main event begins.

No parking sign outside church with bridesmaids in background

Leah & Amelia, Matara Centre

Ceremony Moments:
The Things That Matter

We’ve seen a huge range of wedding ceremonies over the years – civil ceremonies, Church of England, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Hindu, Islamic and Jewish.  All types of wedding ceremony have their own unique elements.. The actual ceremony itself features a range of key moments.  The entrance, the vows, the ring exchange – these are all pretty standard throughout the different types of wedding ceremonies we see.

But what we really love are the bits that aren’t planned, the imperfections and the unexpected sweep of emotions that can overwhelm people as they go through the marriage service.  It’s the looks, the glances, the little pauses during the vows – a catch of the breath.  It’s also the joy and the laughs.  The things that matter.

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The Two Of Us

Being able to capture two angles during the wedding ceremony is one of the main reasons people choose to have two photographers.

Ceremonies are formal events so our position and ability to move are often restricted.  With both of us photographing the ceremony however, we’re able to cover both a front and rear view of the proceedings.

Side by side comparison of Hindu wedding ceremony photographed from two angles at the same time

The Little Things

We’re always on the look-out for the little extra moments that happen during the service.  Although our attention really is on the people getting married, sometimes it’s just good to let the cameras wander away from the couple for a moment and capture the expressions from others, or perhaps close in on a little detail which helps tell the story of the ceremony.

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The Finale

A kiss, a hug and maybe a punch in the air.  The guests all clap and there’s smiles everywhere.  The wedding ceremony is complete and all that remains is to sign the marriage register.

Bride and groom punch air after getting married

Hugs & Confetti

One of our very favourite parts of any wedding day comes immediately after the ceremony.  After the formalities are complete there is usually a rush of people hugging and congratulating the couple.  An amazing, intense few minutes of unguarded moments.