The Two of You

Couple Photos

One of the most enjoyable and creative parts of the day is when we take you away for a little while for some ‘hero’ photos of the two of you alone.    The pace slows down, there’s no distractions and you finally get away –  for as much or as little time as you’d like.

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Think: Downtime

People sometimes assume that the ‘couple shoot’ is all about posing, but with us, it’s really more about enjoying some downtime away from the hectic proceedings of the wedding day.

We’ll give you enough direction so you look good to the camera, but what we really want is for you to enjoy the quiet time together, to interact and bounce off each other.  Just to be yourselves.

Whether you’re a lively couple who exude energy, or quieter people who love a bit of peace of quiet – we’ll make the couple shoot reflect your personalities and create gorgeous pictures with relaxed, natural feel.

Bride and groom sitting on steps laughing and relaxed

Show Off Your Venue

You’ve chosen your wedding venue because it works for you – the combination of atmosphere, staff, food, aesthetics and of course the photo opportunities.

Whether you’ve chosen somewhere grand and stately, rustic and homely, modern and stylish or simply somewhere that has some interesting features and a bit of garden – showing off what your venue has to offer is something we love to do on every wedding.

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The Gorgeous Light
(not just sunsets)

Finding beautiful light to work with during the couple shoot is always a priority for us and we’ll take advantage of the conditions on the day, whatever they are! Balmy summer evenings, crisp winter afternoons, overcast autumnal days and even glaring afternoons all provide their own advantages.

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