Get The Party Started:
Photographing The Evening Of A Wedding

Everyone’s enjoyed the meal, the speeches are done and everyone is now ready to let off a bit of stream.

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Evening Moments

No matter the time of year, the early evening has some fantastic moments to capture before the dancing kicks off.  Guests relaxing with a drink and friends, kids playing in the grounds, cake cuttings, sparklers and magicians.  It’s a lovely bit of time for people to settle into the latter part of the wedding day.

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First Dance

The lights dim, the music starts and everybody is watching.   The couple’s first dance usually kicks off the evening party and we’ve seen a whole range of approaches.  Some just have a slow shuffle for a few seconds, others a full-on choreographed piece that has taken months to perfect.

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Live Music

Through the years we’ve seen the popularity of live music increase dramatically – especially for the evening party.  Live bands make a tremendous difference to the atmosphere on the dancefloor and we absolutely love to capture them performing.

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Bride and wedding guests dance the conga

The Dancefloor

The first dance is wrapped up and everyone hits the dancefloor and there’s lots of great pictures to be had.  Although we don’t need to be capturing hours of dancefloor action, we like to stay around for a while to make sure we’ve got plenty of pictures of the party in full swing.

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Night-Time Portraits

A really lovely way to complete our day with you is to get one or two additional ‘couple’ pictures – especially when it’s darker outside.  We won’t keep you away from the party for more than a few minutes but these pictures round off your wedding photos nicely and give us a proper opportunity to say our goodbyes.

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