The Reception

Photographing The Wedding Reception

The drinks reception is a time for everyone to relax a little and will be the first proper opportunity for you and the guests to chat.  But although there’s a bit of downtime, the drinks reception is the busiest point of the day in terms of photos and we love the variety and excitement of this section of the wedding day.

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Musicians play during wedding reception with guests on lawn

Time to Drink & Mingle

The drinks reception will be the first chance you have to really talk with your friends and family, so it’s important that this part of the day isn’t rushed.  It’s a really busy time for us also, but although we have lots to do, our priority is to make sure you have plenty of time with your guests.

The ideal length of a drinks reception depends upon the time of year and the schedule for the rest of the day.  But with our extensive experience we’ll be able to guide you in the right direction and give you the best balance possible.

Bride laughing with guests during wedding reception

Drinks Reception Moments

As wedding photographers who like to capture the day as it happens, we find the drinks reception is where many of the best ‘candid’ moments occur.  By this point in the day people are used to our presence and we find they generally just get on with enjoying themselves!  The guards come down, everybody is more relaxed.  Ideal conditions for capturing the atmosphere of your wedding at its best.

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Although the vast majority of our pictures are unposed, proper group photos are an important part of any wedding.

Group photos are a more formal record of the most important people at your wedding, but they don’t need to take up the whole afternoon.  We’ll work with you before the big day to ensure your groups list is manageable and relevant, so that when the time comes, they’ll feel like a natural part of the drinks reception.  Groups are usually wrapped up within 20-30 minutes.

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The Details

We think the details are important.  Whether you go for sparse and simple, or glitz and glam, the photos of the table details help define the signature look for your wedding.  You’ve spent lots of time deciding on how everything will look – and probably spent a fair bit of money on it too – so it seems right to us that we put aside a bit of time to get really great photographs before all the guests take their seats for the meal.

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The Speeches

Whether you choose do them before or after the meal, the speeches are a key point in the day.  Speeches are usually a mix of nerves, reflection and laughter and the range of expressions we capture is amazing.  And although we can’t record what is being said, we try and make our pictures remember how you felt.

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