It began on Valentine’s day 2007

No, really!

That was the day Rob was given notice of redundancy from his previous career in IT.  Rob had been a keen amateur photographer for some years and a few days later – with truly serendipitous coincidence –  he was given the chance to photograph a wedding later that summer.    After thinking things over for a few days and seeing just how feasible it would be, Rob started the business.   After a few months of preparations, the first wedding arrived.

Sarah came along to that first wedding to provide a bit of support and to take a few pictures, but it became apparent straight away that she brought with her far more than just a camera.  The guests loved that there were two of us and the couple loved their pictures.

We had something that worked.

At the time there were few companies around offering a second photographer, let alone for the whole of the day and so, once we’d ‘found our feet’ , things took off and we quickly progressed to photographing more than 30 weddings each year, virtually all with the two of us working together for the majority of the day.

Photographing weddings is challenging and varied work, but right from the start, we’ve always sold ourselves on the parts we enjoy the most.  We love keeping the majority of the day as natural and undirected as possible – capturing people as they are and documenting the events with empathy, honesty and an artistic eye.  But we combine this with beautiful couple portraits at particular points in the day. This gives us chance to work with the couple alone and make images that they’ll want to look back on and treasure. And although the style and finesse of our pictures has changed over the years, our fundamental approach to photographing weddings has always been constant.

Who Are We?

We’re both Midlands born-and-bred and we’ve been together since 2004.

We have two small dogs and live in Bromsgrove, situated between Birmingham and Worcester.  It’s an area we’ve come to call home since moving here in 2014.  We’re very fortunate to have the Lickey Hills, Clent Hills and Waseley Hills all on our doorstep,

Rob is actually a Robin, not a Robert.  He is eleven years older than Sarah, although due to his baby-face, looks younger than he is. The photography business is his full-time job..  He’s a bit of a geek,  builds his own PCs and is a film aficionado, reeling off inconsequential facts about almost any film you care to mention. Particular favourites are the films of Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock and Christopher Nolan. Music-wise, he likes London Grammar and Radiohead.   He knows nothing about sport.

In-between weddings, Sarah is a community support worker for adults with special needs.  It’s a role that is in complete contrast to the world of weddings and one she is exceptionally good at.  Travel is her thing and she often goes on amazing holidays on her own if it’s a place Rob isn’t so interested in.  She likes London Grammar and Ed Sheeran and knows nothing about sport.

We love to explore interesting places, both at home and abroad.  We’re not ‘beach holiday’ people.  We had our honeymoon in the deserts of Jordan and have been to many other incredible places around the world.

We love the kind of music that makes you well-up or the kind that makes your hair stand on end, whatever the genre.

We love good, honest food – especially curry – and of course we love our dogs.